I help you lose weight...

eating the foods you love



Let's face it, weight loss is confusing.


Not sure what to eat to lose weight anymore?

Paleo, keto, low-carb, low-fat, counting points, counting macros, counting sleeves of Oreos you shovel down because hey, they’re vegan, right?


Or maybe you've become a little obsessive avoiding chocolate, sweets, or carbs altogether, but as your willpower fades,

you find yourself face-first in a bowl of cookie dough, inhaling it in the dark, when no one’s looking... 


And the yo-yo cycle of diet hell starts all over again (well, maybe Monday).

That's where I come in...

       Hey, I'm Jillian!


Master life and weight loss coach and founder of the Body You Crave Method.

For decades I thought the "secret" to weight loss was to simply eat less and exercise more. Calories in vs calories out.


Sure, WHAT you eat does play a *small* role in weight loss, but just knowing what to eat / avoid doesn't mean you'll actually do it.

It didn't stop me from reaching for food mid-day because I was bored, tired or needed a distraction.

It didn't stop me from reaching for food every night because I was disappointed, lonely or looking to relax.


People told me I needed more willpower or that I wasn't truly committed to my goal because I kept derailing from my diet.


I had to learn how my THOUGHTS & FEELINGS were driving my desire to eat - especially when I wasn't physically hungry.

I had to learn how to create an eating plan I could do for the rest of my life, without hating my life, and let go of all those diet rules that held me captive for so long.

I had to learn how to praise, validate and love myself FIRST and constantly redirect all the old thoughts that told me I wasn't good enough, thin enough or pretty enough.

Because you KNOW that stuffing your face with bread, cheese, and chocolate EVERY night isn’t helping your cause...

you just haven’t a flaming clue how to resist.


You don’t need more tactics of how to avoid your favorite foods or "eat this, not that" or just add chili peppers to rev up your metabolism…

You need to understand that your brain has simply learned that food is the most rapid, reliable and effective way of creating a sense of relief.

It's not a character flaw or "just the way you are."


Which means YOU have the power to change it.

You don't change the habit by trying harder or wishing for more willpower.

You change the habit by understanding how your brain is wired.


It's time to end emotional eating

and conquer your cravings,

so that you can lose excess weight for LIFE.